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Eid al Fitr will be celebrated on Tuesday, June 4th

Eid ul Fitr will inshAllah be celebrated on Tuesday June 4, 2019 at MACE. The Eid Salat will be at 8:30 am. Since we are anticipating a large turnout please try to carpool and arrive by 8:00 am. Zakat al

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Ramadan events Details

Assalamu Alaikum & Eid Mubarak Everyone Qiyaam-ul-Lail:  Every night during last 10 days at MACE led by Shykh Hatem at 2:00 am.   Khatam Quran (Finish reading):  May 31st (with Tahoora sweets 🙂   )   Quran Competetion:  June 1st –

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Iftar Sign-up Sheet

MACE will hold Iftar Potluck every Friday, Saturday, Sunday all Ramadan. Please signup for food using the following Google Sheet

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