Eid Prayers

Assalamu Alaikum Everyone
EId Mubarak to all of you and we wish all the Hajjis safe trip.

Eid ul Adha will inshAllah be celebrated on Friday, September 1, 2017.

The Eid Salat will be at 8:30 am. Since we are anticipating a large turnout please try to carpool and arrive by 8:00 am.


People can drop their families at MACE and park at Office Max (27845 Chardon Rd Willoughby Hills, OH 44092). Map attached.

We have arranged for 2 shuttles that will start running at 7:30 am. These vehicles will have a sign “MACE Shuttle”

Additional parking is available at Jubilee Restaurant

Please do not park at the Animal Clinic next door and do not walk across that property. Use the sidewalk

Food and Entertainment

There will be food trucks and activities for the children from 9:00 am to 11:00 am.
MACE will be providing Donuts, Samosas and Tea after the event for Networking
Halal food truck will be there selling food for $7 to $10
MACE is sponsoring inflatable bouncy house for kids below 10 years and a gaming truck that has numerous video games for kids of all ages


Please do not bring strollers into MACE due to anticipated lack of space. (Bring infants in car seats)

The takbeer for Eid is attached, you may print your own copy if you wish. It is recommended to recite this on your way to the Masjid for Eid prayers

Please help keep the Masjid clean by doing our part and have a blessed and fun Eid

The address for the MACE Islamic Center is:
26901 Chardon Road
Richmond Heights, OH 44143

MACE Administration

Loehmann’s Map


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