Ways to support Imam Hatem’s Family

Dear MACE community members,
Assalam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barkatuhu,

Sr. Sana Farag has put together a list of ways you can support Imam Hatem bin Awad.  We have updated it with an option to do it via MACE as well.

If you are not comfortable with any of the options below, please call/text Sr. Sana Farag at 614-499-1762 and she can help you with something that works best for you.

1-  LaunchGood fundraiser led by Rahma Aid and Dev. It ends on 8/31/21*.  This will be ideal for one time donations

2- Sana Farag (on behalf of Cleveland Community)* Fundraiser with Rahma Org. for ongoing donations*. This is ideal for setting long term automatic donations (weekly/monthly..).

3- Local community members are collaborating with trusted contacts in Egypt to deliver donations. They will collect donations on a regular basis (every 3 months) for years to come ISA.

For Questions, Contact Mervat Ibrahim at +1 (216) 889-3544 , Naglaa Ezaat (216) 322-0543 , or Sana Farag 614-499-1762.

4 – Make a donation to MACE using a check or on the web with a note indicating “For Imam Hatem” and the money will be wired directly to Imam Hatem’s family.

You can request receipt for any payment made to MACE for tax deduction.  For all other donations please contact the respective organization.


MACE Admin